Wedding Ring Guide - Metal Guide

Confused about all the different metal options? 
Here's a quick metal guide to help you make your decision.


Silver is a soft metal, so it is prone to scuffs and marks and will wear away substantially quicker than other precious metals. We don't really recommend it as a wedding ring, but if you are on a budget and looking to upgrade within a year or two, it's a great alternative. For a light silver wedding band prices start at £25. Cubic Zirconia Half Eternities in Silver available too. Please contact for details. Silver is great for a couple on a budget, it's low in price and has the white finish which most couples favour.

Yellow Gold 

Gold is available in lot's of Carat weights, the most popular in UK being 9 carat (375 parts in every 1000) or 18 carat (750 parts in every 1000).
9 carat being less parts gold means that it is a harder metal and less expensive, making it a good option for couples on a budget. As well as someone looking for something hard wearing without breaking the bank. 
18 carat being more parts gold means that it is a softer metal, but a more precious metal, if your engagement ring is 18 carat we recommend having the same carat gold (as with all other metals) as a harder metal, will eventually rub away at the softer.

White Gold 

The same as above but with white alloys added to the mixture to give it a whiter hue. White Gold needs occasional Re-Rhodium plating, but most jewellers would do this within the hour and doesn't normally cost the earth. (we now offer Free Re-Rhodium Plating for life when you buy your rings from us) 

Rose Gold

Becoming increasingly popular with its pinky tone, copper is added to the mixture which also hardens the gold. 


For the discerning customer Platinum is always the metal we recommend, its white hue means it meets most couples style, it's our hardest precious metal and it never looses its colour, which means minimum maintenance.  


A more modern addition to the platinum family, a high density metal making it hard wearing. It is also a more affordable alternative to Platinum. 


Titanium has a dark grey hue, making it particularly appealing to males. As strong as steel but 45% lighter, it has become an increasingly popular metal for wedding rings. It's perfect for anyone who suffer from allergies. They are great for a couple on a budget as all of our plain profiles in Titanium are £50 each. 
But there have been issues with hospitals been unable to cut off Titanium rings, with the normal equipment used to cut gold and platinum etc. But it can be removed by making two cuts to cut the ring in half. Other harder metals you are unable to cut, so it may be something to consider when buying a wedding ring, especially if you work in a manual working environment.