Wedding Ring Guide.

Sheffield and Retfords Finest Bespoke Wedding Rings.

Looking for your perfect wedding ring can be difficult, there is so much choice and so many different suppliers that picking the one that's right for you can be overwhelming. After all it's the one thing you're going to wear for the rest of your life.

The first thing you should do is try on a few plain rings, that way you can gauge how your engagement ring sits with a wedding ring. Think about how the ring sits on your finger does it feel comfortable and does it match the profile of your engagement ring.




Have me handmade to fit 

You might find, especially if you have a large engagement ring, that you need your wedding ring moulded to fit around an engagement ring. If this is the case there are two options, to cut a groove into a plain wedding band (bear in mind if you have a particularly large engagement ring, you may need a very wide wedding ring to allow for this). Or have a ring made to fit with the contours off your engagement ring. We have a wide variety of contour rings for you to try in store don't forget they are all fully customisable to suit your style and budget. 



Stick to the same metal

When choosing your wedding ring, bear in mind that whatever metal (9k, 18k, Platinum etc..) your engagement ring is, you should choose the same. As some metals are harder than others which could cause (after a long period of time) one of your rings to wear away. (Check out our metal guide if you're confused about what metal to go for).

Ensure you buy your ring from a reputable shop or website, especially when buying a ring with diamonds, as the quality of your diamonds can make a huge difference to the overall look of your ring. Instead of your ring look bright and sparkly, it can look dull and lacklustre. Diamonds should be bright and white with no inclusions to the eye, if it looks cloudy or has a yellowish tone, don't buy!! Also look at the weight of the ring, if it seems hollow your ring can easily collapse if caught and can be difficult to repair.


What we offer… all our wedding rings come with FREE inside edge engraving. PLUS we will polish your engagement ring for FREE just before the big day to ensure it looks it best!!