Recycling your old Jewellery

Sheffield and Retford.

If you have inherited or own old jewellery, which you would like recycling, our on-site design team can help create something that is new and unique to you. This means we can incorporate metal and stones with your family history. This gives your jewellery box a new lease of life and allows you to be as creative as you wish and to throughly involved in its transformation. 

The Process

The Free Consultation

In the first instance, bring in the jewellery that you would like to use. If you have any ideas, a picture or drawing is always helpful but if your stuck inspiration we can always help. Any scrap or broken jewellery can always be weighed or used against the cost of the final piece. Our master craftsman David will be on hand to speak to directly, so you can assured that the jewellery understands your requirements.  

Design Process 

Our design team will then look at your what metal and stones you have, and advise you of the possibilities in creating your idea. We will provide you with drawings so we are both clear on how it will be made. 


We take into account your budget and the amount of metal and stones you have provided, to give you most the cost effective way of producing your ideas. 
Creating your Piece 

The Jeweller will then go about removing stones and melting down any metal to create your masterpiece. This can take anything from a few days to a few weeks. You can be actively involved in making process, viewing your piece at different stages.