lets go bespoke

Can't find what you're looking for in store? Seen that perfect ring on Pinterest? With our on-site workshop we're here to make your ideas realised. You can combine a number of different styles, use gold from a family heirloom or just start from scratch. Find below some examples of wedding rings we have made recently.. 


combining two styles

The customer loved the petal detail from the Giselle wedding ring, but the style didn't sit well with her engagement ring. So we took that detail and moved it onto a 3mm wedding band customised to fit around her engagement rings. The final product looks absolutely stunning.

keep it simple

This stunning vintage diamond twist was bought from us here in Sheffield, when it came to her wedding ring because she had such a lovely engagement ring the customer wanted to keep her wedding ring simple. So we made her this lovely 2mm fitted wedding ring to match. The picture really doesn't do it justice. 

Customised beau

The customer loved our beau ring, but really wanted a flat edge. So because we make all our fitted wedding rings on-site we could sort it out for her. This was the final ring.