In the Spotlight Amethyst Dress Ring

Amethyst is one of our favourite stones. From the quartz family, its beautiful purple colour looks fantastic set alongside diamonds. On the MOHS scale, amethyst being 7, diamond the hardest at 10, makes it a very wearable and durable stone. With great history the ancient greeks believed it would stop you becoming intoxicated, and Leonardo Da Vinci, thought it could make you more intelligent and less likely to think evil thoughts.
This very large cushion shaped amethyst measuring 11x9mm, is surrounded by a halo of 1.5mm diamonds. It is set in 18 carat white gold with a yellow gold shank. The amethyst is a fancy harlequin cut, the facets on the stone catch the light beautifully, as you turn your hand. If your looking for something unusual, or a real statement piece, then this is the ring for you. The photographs just don’t do this justice.

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